Friday, 23 August 2013

Hilton Hypocrites Again Introduce a "Green" Project: Useless and Ugly Rooftop Wind Turbines

Hilton has already for years been a leader in "green" corporate hypocrisy. Perhaps you remember that Hilton Worldwide in 2011 chose to shut down "business center equipment" during Earth Hour.

Hilton is at it again:

A new rooftop attraction is turning heads at one South Florida hotel.
The Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort has installed six wind turbines to plug into the natural breeze blowing from the Atlantic Ocean and help power its facilities.
It's the first Hilton of more than 500 properties to have installed wind turbines, executives said. They also believe it's the first hotel in South Florida to get them.
The turbines are now undergoing inspections to be operational by mid-September, a hotel official said Tuesday during a tour.
The Fort Lauderdale resort invested more than $500,000 on the energy savings project, which is expected to help it reduce the amount of power it uses primarily in common areas such as the lobby.

"We are proud of this renewable energy initiative as well as other eco-friendly programs that implement sustainable practices that will help future generations," General Manager Andreas Ioannou said. --

The custom-design wind turbines, which Ioannou called "whimsical, beautiful structures," were originally slated for installation in September 2012, but this was delayed to ensure their supporting mechanism was strong, he said.

The good thing about Hilton's Fort Lauderdale and other similar "green" projects is that the senseless "whimsical, beautiful structures" (which destroy the land/cityscape and kill birds) serve as excellent warning signs for customers who at any price want to avoid using a Hilton hotel.


This is Hilton's idea of a romantic paradise for greenies:

 ... the hotel plans to build a small restaurant and lounge, nestled on the roof between the solar panels and wind turbines, creating an ecological oasis 200 ft above the beach.

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