Thursday, 8 August 2013

Obama as a foreign policy leader - more and more like Jimmy Carter

US President Barack Obama's decision to cancel a meeting ewith Russian dictator Vladimir Putin was the right one. However, that does not solve the problem of Obama's weakness as a foreign policy leader.

Finally, people have begun to realize that Obama is more and more looking like Jimmy Carter. This is how the German Daily Die Welt puts it:

"Putin believes that Obama -- who gave up plans for a missile defense program in Poland and the Czech Republic when he didn't need to -- is weak. This is one of the reasons why he offered Snowden asylum. Obama had no choice but to express disappointment and to cancel his visit to Moscow. A gesture of Carter-esque helplessness on the heels of a humiliation of Carter-esque proportions. It will be seen in Tehran the same way is it is seen in Moscow, which does not bode well for the looming conflict over Iran's nuclear policy."
"One thing is clear: Criticism of Barack Obama's Carter-esque foreign policy is growing, and rightly so."

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