Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Daily express columnist Leo McKinstry: The euro "is demolishing the very foundations of economies"

Daily Express columnist Leo McKinstry has written an excellent piece on why the euro is doomed to fail:

IT was meant to be the engine of growth, discipline and stability across Europe.
But the single currency has fast become a wrecking ball that is demolishing the very foundations of economies. As the product of a fanatical political ideology it has piled up colossal debts, fuelled inflation, reduced living standards and lengthened dole queues.
When the single currency was first established in 1999 the leaders of Europe promised that it would usher in a new era of prosperity.
The Eurosceptics, who predicted that it would cause disaster, were treated as nothing more than a bunch of deluded extremists, cranks and xenophobes.
But the critics turned out to be absolutely right. The EU zealots are the ones gripped by self-delusion and extremism.
Even now as the eurozone implodes the oligarchs of the EU and their cheerleaders still cling on to their dream of European integration. They show no shame for the misery they have inflicted on us, no willingness to recognise their dangerous dogma is absurd. They are like members of a cult.

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