Thursday, 24 October 2013

The UN Green Climate Fund reports "huge progress": The search for a logo continues

Global warming has stopped, but the huge UN climate bureaucracy continues like nothing would have happened. The fact that the UN Green Climate Fund so far has been able to raise only $ 7.5 million  of its promised US$100 billion per year for climate finance by 2020 does not seem to bother the army of climate bureaucrats, who are full of praise for their "achievements":

"The huge progress we have made on the Fund's business model framework during this Board meeting moves the Fund much closer towards operationalization".

Zaheer Fakir, Green Climate Change Fund Co-Chair

The "huge progress" Mr Fakir was talking about was apparently this:

"Calling for nominations from developing countries of national designated authorities (NDAs) or focal points that will help ensure that country ownership and a country-driven approach are core operational principles of the Fund"

(Green Climate Fund press release on June 28)

The most important concrete issue the UN climate bureaucrats are dealing with seems the be the logo of the Green Climate Fund:

At the Paris (where else?) meeting in June the Green Climate Fund Board made a decision about the "constitution of a logo selection panel to judge the outcome of the Fund's international logo competition".

After a number of meetings (in Paris or some other inspiring venues?) the Panel and the Board were apparently not pleased with the "outcome":

"The Fund's Board decided in October 2013 (decision B.05/09, see Annex) to contract a professional designer who will design the logo of the Fund and requested the Fund's Secretariat to issue a call for tender"

This call for tender supersedes and replaces the logo competition which was previously announced by the Fund, and which did not deliver a result meeting the Board's expectations.

That competition is now cancelled by the Board, as allowed for under the competition's terms and conditions."

Which means that the ground breaking work carried out by the Green Climate Fund enters another decisive stage: The search for the missing logo continues!

Following the decision of the Fund’s Board from October 2013, the Secretariat is seeking to contract a professional designer who will design the logo of the Fund.

The tender is open to any professional designer who would be able to work as an independent consultant with the Fund.

Individuals wishing to respond to this call are invited to do so by 3 November 2013. Responses should be made by email to: logo(at) following the instructions from the Terms of reference downloadable below.
No doubt, the question of the new logo will keep the Green Climate Fund secretariat and Board busy for at least another year, with a number of meetings in Paris (or similar locations). The most important item on the next Board meeting will probably be, whether the 7.5 million so far raised, will cover the cost of the logo ...

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This woman is delusional. She clearly has a mental health illness over man-made global warming. hasn't she got something better to do?