Friday, 22 November 2013

Major setback for Germany's global warming lobby: Merkel's new government set to scrap the flight tax

Another major setback for Germany's global warming establishment: The soon to be formed new CDU-SDP government is set to scrap the useless and costly air passenger duty:

Members of the transport group decided on Thursday during coalition talks between Chancellor Merkel’s conservatives and the Social Democrats (SPD) to abolish air passenger duty, which applies to departures from German airports, the Bild newspaper reported.

But the final decision on whether or not the duty is scrapped will fall to party leaders and depend on the SPD and Merkel’s conservative bloc forming a coalition government. Negotiations are still ongoing.
The tax was introduced in Germany two years ago but the parties believe that it is costing the country more money than it brings in as passengers are put off flying from German airports by the high cost of travel.
If the duty is abolished, ticket prices would be reduced by €7.50 on short-haul journeys, €23.43 on medium-haul and slashed on long-haul flights by €42.18, the Bild said. --
The tax was also seen as an important move by environmental groups to make flying more expensive.
When the German parliament took the decision to introduce the tax in November 2010, a statement from Bund, Germany’s branch of Friends of the Earth, called it “one of the few measures for more climate protection in the transport industry.”

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tomwys said...

There is a wonderful Bridge in New York City that is obtainable if you believe that Mother Nature cares a whit about any Tax that the dimmer bulbs believe will affect the climate.