Friday, 29 November 2013

Pope Francis and Global Warming

Pope Francis has so far been silent on global warming/climate change.

The church of global warming has many supporters in the Catholic Church. When Pope Francis was elected in March they all had great expectations. Some of the most fanatic warmists have not abstained from putting words into the Pope's mouth in order to prove that he is a fellow warmist :

On 31 March 2013 Francis used his first Easter homily to make a plea for peace throughout the world, specifically mentioning the Middle-East, Africa, and North and South Korea.[212] He also spoke out against those who give in to "easy gain" in a world filled with greed, and made a plea for humanity to become a better guardian of creation by protecting the environment

The pope’s homily was striking for its repeated references to environmental protection, highlighting what is likely to be a central theme of his papacy and setting up the 76-year-old pope as a leading activist against climate change.


Let’s hope that Pope Francis follows in his predecessor's footsteps and adopts an aggressive stance on fighting climate change around the world, a growing scourge on the world’s poor that the UN estimates is killing 1,000 children a day and costing the global economy $1.2 trillion a year. That's a toll that will rise to unfathomable levels if we don’t cut our addition to dirty fuels.


In the recently published biography, Pope Francis: Untying the Knots, Paul Vallely notes that the Pope is planning a major encyclical on environmental matters. In a move which will drive conservatives to distraction, Pope Francis has asked Leonardo Boff to send him his writings on eco-theology as part of his preparation. Boff was a major figure in the liberation theology movement and his writings were closely scrutinised by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Indeed his book, Church: Charism and Power was the subject of a notification from the Congregation.
In an interview in 2010 Boff noted:
There are regions in the world that have changed so much that they've become uninhabitable. That is why there are 60 million displaced persons in Africa and Southeast Asia, which are the most affected by climate change and which emit less carbon. If we don't stop it, in the next five to seven years there will be as many as 100 million climate refugees, and that is going to create political problems.
It will not be difficult for the Pope to connect this issue with his own very public concerns on the plight of refugees.
Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez de Maradiaga confirmed during a recent visit to Australia that Pope Francis is indeed planning a document on the environment. The Cardinal is chair of the group of eight cardinals chosen by Francis to advise him, and is a strong proponent of action on climate change. A strong and clear statement from Francis on climate change will be heard all around the world. The Pope has proven himself an able and direct communicator and a document from him will be difficult for our political leaders to ignore.

Don’t take our word for it. Ask the pope. Or, ask the members of the Social Concerns Team at St. Peter Catholic Church in Huron, where a Nov. 12 program will explore the issue.
The program is “Melting Ice, Mending Creation: A Catholic Approach to Climate Change.”
“The pope, Pope Francis, is behind this,” said Karen Giaco, a member of the Social Concerns Team at the church.    The pope has asked Catholic churches to educate as many people as possible about the effects of everyone’s carbon footprint on the planet, Giaco said.
“The biggest part of this is that the poor and the most vulnerable are going to be affected the hardest,” she said. “Everybody needs to make a change.”


An organisation calling itself the Catholic Coalition on Climate Change, which is running the global warming propaganda website Catholic Climate Covenant, has published quotes on climate change by Pope Francis' predecessor. The Catholic Climate Covenant also has a page with Quotes from Pope Francis on Creation/Environment.

It is worth noting that the words climate change or global warming are nowhere to be found among the quotes. Neither do any of the catholic or other global warming fanatics, who expect to Pope to be one of them, produce any evidence that Pope Francis actually has used the words climate change or global warming in his speeches or writings. (Please correct me, if I am wrong on this).

Pope Francis is clearly worried about environmental questions. But that is not the same thing as being a firm believer in human induced global warming. It is of course possible that the Pope will turn out to join the AGW believers in his forthcoming encyclical on environmental matters. But so far he has not done it, based on what he has said and written.


Joe Daniels said...

When practicing as a Catholic, I joined the local Justice and Peace Group, who spoke about little else but climate change and the cause they ascribed to it - us. They would not budge on this. It opened my eyes, and that was the start of my journey towards leaving the church.

NNoN said...


Thank you for your comment. I think you are not the only one with this kind of experiences. It is a great pity that so many churches have joined the AGW church instead of concentrating on the real message of Christianity.