Friday, 10 January 2014

Environmental news from France: President Francois Hollande's scooter

                                                                    (image by wiki)
Model AMCA Troupes Aeról Portées Mle. 56 - modified by the French military that incorporated an anti tank weapon. It is not known whether M. Hollande uses a modernized version of this French military vehicle.

The latest environmental news from France:

Closer, echoing reports published on various websites in recent days, said Hollande routinely drives through Paris on his scooter to spend the night with his 41-year-old mistress.

Shouldn't France's socialist president Francois Hollande at least be complimented for using an environmentally friendly mode of transport during his nightly escapades?

Perhaps not:

When it comes to emissions of nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbons – so-called smog-forming pollutants – motorcycles and scooters emit many times more per kilometre than cars and trucks. 2 stroke scooters are much worse than 4 stroke scooters when it comes to smog forming pollutants and, when it comes to smog, are worse than most cars.
In short, scooters produce fewer greenhouse gasses (GHG’s) than automobiles and GHG’s are the primary enemy of climate change. But scooters produce a lot more smog forming emissions than an automobile. These are the emissions that put a haze in the air and provide poor air quality for breathing.

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