Thursday, 2 January 2014

Ice trapped alarmist Australian climate change professor and his followers rescued - Australian taxpayers likely to foot the bill

Chris Turney@ProfChrisTurney 1h
We've made it to the Aurora australis safe & sound. A huge thanks to the Chinese & for all their hard work!

Australian climate change alarmist, professor Christ Turney and his followers - scientists and tourists on a research ship trapped by Antarctic ice since Christmas Eve - have been airlifted to safety.

They were flown by helicopter from the MV Akademik Shokalskiy to an ice floe next to the Australian icebreaker the Aurora Australis, after which they were taken by a small boat to the vessel.

According to a posting on the expedition website by Dr. Turney on Dec. 31, the nearest open water from the ship was 16 nautical miles away across the ice:

It has been a sobering week. At the time we were initially caught by the sea ice, the Shokalskiy was just 2 to 4 nautical miles from open water. Now the sea ice distance has become even greater with the continued winds from the east, putting our nearest point of exit at some 16 nautical miles. The international effort has been extraordinary and we are incredibly grateful for all the hard work and effort everyone has provided to assist the Australasian Antarctic Expedition 2013-14 in escaping from the ice – a big thanks in particular to the Chinese, French and Australians, co-ordinated by the Australian Maritime Rescue Centre.

It is of course fine that the alarmist professor and his followers have been rescued. But as so often, the bill for the huge rescue operation, probably running up to several million dollars, is likely to be footed by the Australian taxpayers - money that could be used for some more meaningful purposes.

Among the rescued climate change tourists, one was the BBC's Andrew Luck-Baker (Senior Producer, BBC Radio Science Unit, Brighton, UK). Why on earth does the BBC waste money on this kind of useless global warming tourism?


CalUKGR said...

"... Why on earth does the BBC waste money on this kind of useless global warming tourism?"

I should think that's fairly self-evident. The plan was obviously to obtain some 'sciency' CAGW nonsense to scare the proles with, back home here in good old Blighty.

The BBC, who anything but 'impartial' when it comes to The Holy Consensus, think nothing of wasting license fee monies on such fripperies. After all, it's not real money, is it?

Jeff Todd said...

You need to remember that the BBC has invested it's entire pension fund in the green bubble; when the bubble bursts, the fund is gone. So the BBC never report ANY and EVERY item that casts dounbt on "AGW/CAGW/Climate Change/this week's name for it.
The irony is of course that if AGW were real, the first casualty should be the BBC - closing it down will rid the UK of a large energy user (less emissions) and free us all from the tyranny of the BBC Poll Tax; that will help to alleviate Ed Milliband's "cost of living crisis" by offsetting his green taxes.