Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Danish owner of "the first carbon-neutral hotel group in the world" on a mission to save the world from catastrophic global warming

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When it comes to self-promotion, the Danes are second to none. The Forbes interview with Kirsten Brøchner, the owner of "the first carbon-neutral hotel group in the world" (consisting of two small family run hotels) is a case in point.

Ms. Brøchner is apparently on a  mission to revolutionize the entire international business community in order to save the world from catastrophic human caused global warming:  

For instance, I wanted to set up a climate school for companies with training courses for employees, teaching them how to choose the green option at work and at home. One example is when boiling water for tea—only boiling the water needed, so energy is not wasted on boiling extra.

Well, maybe it's not so surprising that even the "green" Danish government agencies have told Brøchner that her "climate school" is not their cup of tea:

Unfortunately, none of the many government agencies I asked for help were interested in supporting the idea.

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4TimesAYear said...

Nothing is "carbon neutral" - and if they think so, they're only fooling themselves.