Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Encouraging news from the UK: Developers are abandoning plans for new wind farms

Amid all the gloom created by Russia's aggresion in Ukraine, it's nice to have some really encouraging news from the UK:

Developers are abandoning plans for new wind farms in Britain because they are “no longer financially viable”.
The decision to scrap the wind farms is the first evidence that the spread of turbines across the country is being halted. It follows a radical overhaul by the Government of the consumer subsidy, worth more than £1 billion a year to wind farm owners.
Under the subsidy, wind farms are guaranteed to receive double the wholesale price for the electricity they produce. Under the new scheme, to be introduced later this year, companies will have to sell their electricity to the national grid under a competitive bidding system.
The new scheme will limit the total amount of subsidies available for green energy; previously the subsidy budget was effectively limitless.
The change has led to developers scrapping wind farm schemes amid claims that the new system will make future wind farms unprofitable.

Bye, bye, you bird killing, landscape destroying, ineffecient monsters! You will not be missed!

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A K Haart said...

Good news. I wonder if the things will be dismantled and the sites reinstated when they are no longer worth maintaining.