Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Eurobarometer survey: Reducing waste and use of plastic bags are now the main European activities against dangerous global warming

"Europe is clearly leading the World" - That's what EU bigwigs have been boasting about for years now with regard to fighting "dangerous climate change".

However, the latest EU Eurobarometer climate change survey shows the gap between Brussels and the European man in the street. In spite of the massive (often EU financed and MSM supported) propaganda campaigns, only a small minority of Europeans say that they have taken e.g. any of these "environmentally friendly" measures:

11% report that low fuel consumption was an important factor in their choice
of a new car; 9% say that they have avoided taking short-haul flights whenever possible;
7% have switched to an energy supplier providing a greater share of energy from
renewable sources; 5% have installed equipment to generate renewable electricity in
their home; and 4% say that they have purchased a low-energy home.

When the results did not fit the needs of the EU climate change alarmists, they decided to add a few activities to their list of climate change measures. Thus "reducing waste" and "regularly separating it for recycling" is now the number one activity in the fight against dangerous global warming for 69% of the Europeans! The next important activity is trying to cut down on the consumtion of plastic bags ...

The action Europeans are most likely to say they have taken is to try to reduce their
waste and regularly separate it for recycling (69%). Half of all Europeans (51%) have
tried to cut down on their consumption of disposable items whenever possible, e.g.
supermarket plastic bags and excessive packaging

However, what most waste reducing and plastic bag avoiding Europeans do not know is that they are also footing the bill for the activities that make it possible for the EU to maintain its dubious "world leadership" with regard to "fighting dangerous climate change":

"the EU has agreed that at least 20% of its €960 billion budget for the 2014-2020 period should be spent on climate change-related action.

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