Saturday, 10 May 2014

Putin has lost control of events in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin has lost control of events in Ukraine, according to UK foreign secretary William Hague:

“There is every indication that the Russians have lost control of what they started in Ukraine,” said Mr Hague in an exclusive interview with The Telegraph. “President Putin seems to have unleashed forces that he cannot control. Armed thugs with modern weapons are stirring old tensions and stoking new hatreds. The deaths in Mariupol, Slavyansk and Odessa are a stark warning that this plan is spiralling out of control.” --

Mr Hague was particularly concerned by briefings he received from Ukrainian security officials in Kiev who presented him with credible evidence that Russian forces had been involved in stirring up anti-government protests in eastern regions of the country.
He was told that Ukrainian special forces had been surprised by the professional military tactics used by pro-Russian paramilitary groups, which have so far managed to shoot down a number of Ukrainian helicopters using shoulder-launched missiles – a feat that requires a high level of military training.
Ukrainian forces have also detained a number of Russian passport holders while attempting to regain control of territory held by pro-Russian militants.
“It is not just pro-Russian activists who are stirring up trouble in Ukraine – we actually have Russian forces in the territory,” he said. “We are seeing the same tactics that were used in Crimea, and we need to see changes in Russia’s behaviour if we are to avoid a deeper conflict.”

Time for the West to get tough on the mafia state dictator!

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