Saturday, 28 June 2014

Valery Gergiev is a complete Putin stooge: Criticizes brave Karita Mattila

A conductor turned propgandist.

There should not anymore by any doubt about the fact that Russian (Ossetian) conductor Valery Gergiev is a complete Putin stooge. This formerly leading conductor is now one of the leading propagandists for the dictator in the Kremlin:

According to him, Russia did not incorporate the Crimea, it was the will of the people, which manifested itself in a referendum.

"In Ukraine there are too many Nazi elements," he argues, and maintains that the overwhelming result of the referendum was that the Crimean Peninsula residents do not want to remain under the "fascists".

The same applies in his view to many east Ukrainians.

"Russia has received tens of thousands of refugees from Eastern Ukraine." --

"I do not want to be a messenger in this and take another role than my role as a musician. I strongly recommend also to Karita Mattila, that she does what she is best at: singing an acting."

Gergiev continues to reflect on Mattila even more vehemently.

"How can she look into the eyes of those mothers whose children were killed? Many, many children died in the Ukrainian army's needless bombardment. There are no attacks against Kiev from eastern Ukraine, but from the centre they go to the east in order to annihilate these people. Why is the military used to destroy the country's own nationals, who have an Ukrainian passport ? "

The entire interview in the leading Finnish daily Helsingin Sanomat here (in Finnish).


My message to the LSO and the Munich Philharmonic: The only decent thing you can do is to get rid of this man as soon as possible! A continued involvement with this conductor turned Putin propagandist will tarnish your image and credibility for years.

And, I say it again: Kudos to Karita Mattila, who dares to speak out!

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