Monday, 8 December 2014

(Former) socialite Bianca Jagger adds some glamour to the Lima climate jamboree: "Time is running out"!

Bianca Jagger, the former socialite, now appearing as a global warming promoter, has told the Lima climate jamboree participants that time is running out:

“Climate change will affect everyone, everywhere, in every nation, in every echelon of society, in the developing world and the developed world,” Jagger said. “We will all suffer the catastrophic consequences of rising sea levels, ocean acidification, food scarcity and political unrest. But some of the most vulnerable communities in the world are bearing a disproportionate burden of the harm without having significantly contributed to the cost. This is a terrible injustice.”
Noting that climate experts predict that 2014 will become the hottest year on record, Jagger warned: “Time is running out. Inaction will lead to severe and irreversible damage

Time may be running out, but fortunately the former socialite still has time for some serious shopping. Here is a recent example:

On Bianca (left): Dolce & Gabbana gold-tone Swarovski crystal coin headband, $2,485;; Valentino silk-crepe split-back jumpsuit, $3,690;; Tamara Mellon fringed jersey halterneck dress, $1,695;; Jimmy Choo charm disco mirror box clutch, $1,050;; Charlotte Olympia Octavia sandal, $1,020;

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Doug Proctor said...

The rich see an individual's PROPORTION of the global CO2 emissions and general consumption as a justified, outcome of their proportion of global wealth. Their eco-green ideology is that the total CO2 emissions and consumption needs to be fixed. Their gross amount then can decline while their proportion stays the same.

The wealthy are saying society can suffer but not their elevated position and relative privileges within it.

You can make the pond smaller as long as I remain the bigger fish.