Friday, 9 January 2015

In praise of US senator James Inhofe

The US global warming establishment, which  includes most mainstream media, is scared to death as senator James Inhofe takes charge of the important chairmanship of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee:

This is how Democratic activists like to think of Inhofe: as a doddering caricature of conservative values who, given a platform such as the chairmanship of the Environment and Public Works Committee, will regularly supply punch lines to the opposition. They see him as an untethered radical off in a world apart even from his conservative colleagues; a Don Quixote with Jesus as Sancho Panza, on a quest to rein in overzealous lefties. Their hope is to use him as a foil. Their worry is that his maneuvering could cause a lot more damage when he is wielding a gavel than when riding a horse.
Climate change is certain to be a major issue for Congress in the next couple of years. Tom Steyer, the billionaire Democratic environmentalist, topped the list of campaign donors in the past election cycle; there’s still the Keystone XL pipeline to figure out; and a number of new rules from the Environmental Protection Agency are set to take effect this year. On all this, Inhofe aims to take center stage.
“Expect huge and enormous fireworks in the committee,” said Sen. Barbara Boxer (Calif.), the senior Democrat on the committee. “[Inhofe’s] going to go after everything, and I’m going to stop him dead on the floor of the Senate. . . . The biggest denier of all is the chairman of the environment committee — that’s a cruel joke.”

However, for all those who do not wish to be part of the leftist greenie global warming mafia, there is reason to celebrate:

"It's not happening," Inhofe said during the AP interview. Climate changes detected in recent years are part of a natural cycle that takes between 25 and 35 years to complete, he said.
"We've gone through this since 1895 five times," Inhofe said. "There's not warming going on. We're now in the 15th year of cooling."
He said regulations imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency will kill the economy and jobs. He has urged the agency to abandon stricter rules on refinery air pollution and to reject their own scientists' recommendation to tighten a standard for the main ingredient in smog.
As the likely chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, Inhofe will lead an effort to boost oversight of the EPA and try to thwart its agenda.

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