Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Finally Americans realize that George W. Bush was a better president than leftist media led them to believe

This comes as no suprise: A new survey finds that more Americans view former President George W. Bush favorably than President Obama.

Bush deserves this favourable rating. He was a much better president than the worldwide leftist media lead people to believe.

The CNN/ORC poll reveals that 52 percent of Americans see Bush positively, while 43 percent do not.
In contrast, U.S. voters are split on their views of Obama.
The new poll finds that 49 percent view Obama favorably, while 49 percent do not.
Those ratings for Obama are down from a similar poll in March. During that sampling, 52 percent of Americans viewed him positively, while another 46 percent did not.
Bush’s numbers, meanwhile, mark a major shift for the former president since he departed office in early 2009, CNN said.
It noted that back then, Bush received a favorability rating from roughly one third of those surveyed.
Bush’s favorability, CNN added, has remained below the 50-percent threshold most of the time since his presidency.
Just one year ago, it said, the former president had a 46-percent favorability rating. Another 51 percent, however, still viewed Bush unfavorably.
Bush’s new score reflects more positive views of him across a wide variety of groups.

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