Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Sweden: More and more young people treated for Climate anxiety

Year in and year out mainstream media have been scaremongering about the existential threat of global warming. No wonder then that large numbers of young people in Sweden, and probably elsewhere, are in desperate need of professional help in order to treat their Climate anxiety:

Over the past four years Annika Tibblin encountered them in the work as a psychotherapist.

- There are just as many men and women, but all have been between twenty and thirty years. They represent a completely new therapy group - those seeking therapy for Climate anxiety, which in itself is not a medical diagnosis, but is a cause of anxiety that I had never encountered in my past professional life.

According to her climatic anxiety is different than ordinary "personal" anxiety, in which, for example, a person condemns himself as a result of an unhappy love relationship or a life crisis. Concerns over climate concerns everyone's existence here on earth and is therefore experienced as overpowering.

- Those who have sought therapy for climate stress talk many times about the thoughts of the climate makes them paralyzed. The turmoil is affecting major life choices. Many do not know if they dare to have children because of concerns over the future of the earth.

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