Sunday, 6 March 2016

EU president Juncker orders eurosceptics to visit war graves

A strange man, this Jean-Claude Juncker:

The European Commission president bizarrely ordered eurosceptics to visit WAR GRAVES to try and avoid a breakdown in peace between nations.
The desperate leader warned voters not to repeat the "enormous stupidity" of two world wars in the astonishing attack.
Patronising Juncker accused Brexit voters of forgetting the role the EU has played in the years since the Second World War. 

Mr Juncker warned "peace is never a sure thing" and appeared to mock David Cameron's EU deal saying the prime minister was grateful for his help in resolving his "self-induced problem". 
The former prime minister of Luxembourg said: "Whoever does not believe in Europe, whoever doubts Europe, whoever despairs of Europe, should visit the war cemeteries in Europe."

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The good thing is of course, that the more Mr. Juncker goes on like this, the better for those who want Britain to leave the EU.

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