Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The silver lining: Angela Merkel is probably the best "ally" for the Brexit supporters

German chancellor Angela Merkel is probably the single person who is most responsible for the current migration crisis in Europe. The already brain dead European Union is on the verge of implosion, very much as a result of the policies of this "conservative" former DDR propaganda officer:

EUROPE was plunged into unprecedented crisis tonight as EU leaders lined up to rip chunks out of each other on the worst day of migrant chaos to date.
As tear gas rained down on rioting migrants in Greece and France bickering countries squabbled over who should take the blame for the spiralling crisis which shows no sign of slowing.
Once again the cavernous divisions between different EU countries were laid bare for all to see, with Angela Merkel angrily defending Germany's role in the chaos amid sniping from other member states.
In a day of unprecedented migrant violence thousands of refugees smashed down a border fence between Macedonia and Greece whilst inhabitants of the Calais Jungle camp set fires and hurled rocks at police as they attempted to avoid eviction.

But the carnage wrought in those riots was matched by the diplomatic damage being done to the EU as member states turned on each other in savage fashion.
Mrs Merkel was on the back foot as she voiced her "despair" at other European nations which fail to share her dream for open door immigration.
Many EU states now deeply resent Germany and blame its leader for unleashing millions of migrants on the continent after she rashly promised all Syrians asylum.

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However, there is no reason to worry too much. There is a silver lining to this sad state of affairs: The longer Mrs. Merkel is allowed to cling on to her job, the better for the growing number of British Brexit supporters - and indirectly for the future of a new and better Europe!

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