Sunday, 19 June 2016

"Project Grief": UK Remain campaigners trying to turn the narrative away from immigration

Breitbart London is right:

Since the tragic killing of Labour MP Jo Cox three days ago, many in the media and the ‘Remain’ campaign have focused on the “tone” of the EU referendum debate in the attempt to insinuate that her alleged killer was motivated by the rhetoric of the ‘Leave’ campaign.

The main focus of the referendum debate had turned from the economy to immigration over the past couple of weeks, a topic on which the ‘Remain’ campaign has no clear answer and which had seen the ‘Leave’ campaign jump into the lead in opinion polls.
Now, however, ‘Remain’ supporters have been speaking about how Jo Cox’s death was caused by “hatred” and “divisive rhetoric” as they try to turn the narrative away from the effects of mass immigration.

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