Sunday, 12 December 2010

From Copenhagen to Cancún: The Emperor´s New Clothes


The Cancún "agreement" has been hailed a "historic" success by the warmists. But in reality nothing binding was agreed, as Australian columnist Jo Nova writes:

After the awful post-Climategate-and-Copenhagen year, more than anything else, the Big Scare Campaign needed a PR win. And in that sense Cancun was a major victory. Nobody agreed to anything legally binding, Kyoto was not extended, and all they achieved amounted to nothing more than an extension of the yearly junkets, and the promise that the gravy train is not dead yet. But the headlines will warm the hearts of all on Team-Scare-Us. The most important thing for the side that’s losing friends, faith and face, was to regain momentum. They’re trying to stop the death spiral.

No one has actually agreed to anything enforceable, but you’d have to read the subtext to know that.

And the $100 billion promised to a Climate aid fund is not at all in the bag, despite empty promises made in Cancún. As I noted in a previous post, it is e.g. quite clear that the new US Congress is not going to put tax payer money into this.

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