Saturday, 18 December 2010

Weather Report

White hell: Drivers spend night sleeping in their cars as coldest December on record shuts roads and airports
(The Daily Mail)

A blast of harsh winter weather socked Europe Saturday morning, causing travel chaos and sending temperatures into a deep-freeze.
From Northern Ireland to Bulgaria, blizzard conditions left airports with heavy delays or shut them entirely on Friday, and many delays and cancellations continued into Saturday.


Snow, snow and more snow: Germany, along with much of the rest of Europe, continues to struggle under heavy snowfalls in what appears to be the early onset of deepest winter.

(Der Spiegel)

And it looks like the cold weather is going to prevail this winter also in the US, Russia and China. This is not good news for the global warming alarmists:

And the warmists just don't get it. Or perhaps they do, which could explain the vicious edge to their attacks. Their mantras are not going to survive this winter, and the politicians who continue to promote this lunacy are going to be howled down, ridiculed and rejected. They haven't realised it yet, but this while stuff falling from the skies is a powerful game-changer, a political event of considerable magnitude.

(Richard North, EU Referendum)

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