Sunday, 19 December 2010

McCain: "Russia Remains a State of Lawlessness"

Senator John McCain calls Russia "a Sate of lawlessness" in an interview for Le Figaro. The senator also has a message to president Sarkozy. (The Georgian Daily has published a translation of the interview.)

We are not dealing with a world power. We are dealing with a nation which, whatever its stated intentions, remains a State of lawlessness. As revealed by one of the WikiLeaks cables, a group of individuals with a mafia-like behaviour is governing the country, with Putin at their head. Regarding Russia's conduct, I would like to stress the crucial issue of Georgia. On that subject, I am extremely disappointed that President Sarkozy does not insist more in highlighting that the Russians remain in perpetual violation of the cease-fire agreement he personally negotiated. Russia continues to occupy 20% of the Georgian territory, with complete impunity. This should worry the French president more than anyone else.

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