Wednesday, 22 December 2010

China offers EU a helping hand

China has, according to FT, promised charitable action in order to help the crisis ridden euro:

China has promised to take further “concerted action” to support European financial stabilisation, including continuing to buy the bonds of countries at the centre of the sovereign debt crisis, according to senior European officials.
The officials, who declined to be named, said Wang Qishan, a Chinese vice-premier, had given assurances that China would step up support for European stabilisation efforts “if necessary”. Mr Wang made the pledge during the third annual China-EU High Level Economic and Trade Dialogue, held in Beijing on Tuesday.

FT, citing EU officials, also notes that China has not formally linked its support to some specific issues, but that it has asked the EU to be granted "market economy" status and the lifting of the arms embargo.

I think it is likely that we will not hear any strong criticism of e.g. China´s human rights violations from the EU leaders in the near future.

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