Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Obama - a one term president?

Commentator and analyst Nile Gardiner thinks that Obama might might not get a second term:

2010 is a year President Obama will definitely want to forget, after his party’s humiliating drubbing at the hands of voters in the November mid-terms. As I’ve noted previously, there is no sign at all of any kind of recovery for the president, and several new polls show that Barack Obama continues his steep downward spiral. On current projections, the president looks on course to become a one-term president, and a pretty undistinguished one at that.
According to the latest Fox News/ Opinion Dynamics poll, just 29 percent of US voters predict that Obama will be re-elected in 2012 – with 64 percent saying that he will not succeed in winning another term, an 18 percent increase from a year ago. Only 35 percent of Americans think Obama deserves re-election, compared to 53 percent who believe the country would be better off with someone else.


And Gardiner is not the only one who thinks Obama might end up as a one term president. This wellknown personality - who describes himself as "we the people" - has also suggested this possibility.

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