Wednesday, 22 June 2011

EU Brussels trade union leader: "Our national leaders are imbeciles"

Carpenito: "Our national leaders are imbeciles"

Austerity packages, including major pay and staff cuts, are being adopted everywhere in the EU member countries. In view of these radical measures, it is only natural that member countries also would like to see some cuts in the overblown 50.000 person EU bureaucracy.

As a response, the  European Commissíon is, according to the EU Observer, proposing to cut five percent of the jobs in the EU institutions for the next seven year budget, in line with austerity measures in member states.

The Brussels trade union´s reply was to be expected. This is how Mr. Renzo Carpenito, a high representative of the EU trade union, reacted to the plan:

"Our national leaders are imbeciles. There are about eight northern countries pushing for cuts, the UK, Denmark, Holland, Finland. What they don't say is that out of the EU's €142 billion annual budget, we [staff] do not even represent five percent, and that includes the cost of [EU] buildings.


Does anybody believe that a leader of  a trade union in any of the member countries could keep his job after calling his country´s prime minister an "imbecile"? Probably not even in Mr. Carpenito´s home country, Italy. This again shows the enormous arrogance - on all levels - of the EU bureaucracy. It is to be hoped that the UK, Denmark, Holland and Finland will demand much higher staff reductions - including shutting down of  a number of totally useles EU institutions. There is no reason whatsoever why this army of arrogant eurocrats should be excluded from severe austerity measures!

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