Thursday, 23 June 2011

Union of Concerned Scientists: Win a (high carbon footprint) trip to Brazil!

Public interest in global warming is on the wane in the US and in most other western countries. That is why climate alarmist organizations now are desperately trying to sell their doomsday messages by using "innovative" methods, particularly targeting young people.

The latest - probably very costly - propaganda effort was recently introduced by the Union of Concerned Scientist: "The Climate Hot Map Scavenger Hunt":

From catastrophic flooding to airplane delays, from itchier poison ivy to food and water shortages, global warming is already having an impact on your life and the world around you. Embark on our Climate Hot Map Scavenger Hunt to explore the places (or "hot spots") where scientists have gathered evidence of climate change. Not only will you virtually travel the world, but you could win a trip for two to help find answers to the challenges of climate change in the Rio Cachoeira Natural Reserve in Brazil!

One wonders why the Concerned Scientists are not at all concerned about the the carbon footprint created by the trips to the Rio Cachoeira Natural Reserve in Brazil? If the scientists were really serious about global warming, they certainly would not actively want to contribute to make it worse, would they?

Here are just a few examples of the dubious "facts" on offer in the climate propaganda hot map:

Cities in the Netherlands and throughout Europe suffered through an unprecedented and deadly heat wave in the summer of 2003. Unless we make deep and swift cuts in our global warming emissions, a similar heat wave could hit Europe every other year by the end of this century, on average. Here, Amsterdam residents take a break from the scorching heat.

New York City's location on the Atlantic Ocean -- at the mouth of the Harlem River, and in a tidal strait connecting upper New York Harbor to Long Island Sound -- has served its growth as a global center of commerce and culture. Now, sea-level rise caused by global warming threatens the Big Apple's future.
Rising sea levels and ocean temperatures caused by global warming threaten the people, economy, and very existence of Kiribati, a low-lying island nation composed of coral atolls in the tropical Pacific.
Syracuse, NY, is already one of the snowiest cities in the United States, and is paradoxically becoming snowier due to global warming (specifically because of warmer surface waters and decreased ice cover on the Great Lakes). Increasingly heavy snowfalls in Syracuse could disrupt transportation and commerce throughout central New York State.

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A K Haart said...

I feel the whole thing has degenerated into a political battle, with scientific credibility and the education of our children caught in the crossfire.

Long-term energy security seems to be the real issue, with politicians floundering around in a swamp of propaganda, much of it of their own making.