Thursday, 16 June 2011

A new low from His Royal Higness

 The Mega Carbon Footprint Prince giving another of  his alarmist doomsday lectures

Is there nobody in the UK who is capable of  stopping the ecofundamentalist Prince Charles´s continuing his crazy climate change crusade. Now he has been attacking climate change "deniers" in a video speech in Australia - thus giving a helping hand to the embattled PM Julia Gillard, who also was one of the speakers.

THE heir apparent to the British throne has called on Australian business leaders to ensure climate change deniers aren't allowed to further delay action to tackle dangerous global warming.
The Prince of Wales delivered a 10-minute pre-recorded video address to the 12th National Business Leaders Forum on Sustainable Development today.

"All the evidence shows that we are living in an increasingly unstable world," Prince Charles told industry figures gathered in Canberra.

"And yet we continue to test it to destruction and to allow the deniers of human-induced climate change to prevent vital action being taken."

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On the British Monarchy webpage the duties of  Prince Charles are explained in the following way:

3) Promoting and protecting national traditions, virtues and excellenceThis includes supporting Britain’s rural communities, promoting tolerance and greater understanding between faiths and communities, and highlighting achievements or issues that, without his support, might otherwise receive little exposure. In this regard, His Royal Highness often acts as a catalyst for facilitating debate and change through contacts with Government Ministers and other people of influence, and by giving speeches and writing articles.In doing so, he is always careful to remain separate from party political debate.


Climate change/Global warming is most certainly a highly political question both in Australia and elsewhere. That is why the prince is clearly in breach of his duty to "remain separate from party political debate". Neither do his alarmist rants "act as a catalyst for facilitating debate". Maybe it is time for a STOP PRINCE CHARLES movement in the UK?

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