Saturday, 18 June 2011

New study: Climatologists are dumber than other scientists

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A new study shows that climitalogists are considered less clever than other scientists and academic professionals. Lawyers and engineers are more than ten times cleverer than climatologists, according to the summary for decisions makers. Sociologists are the second least clever professionals, but even they are almost double as clever as climatologists.

However, the author of this groundbreaking non-peer reviewed study, Dr. G. Alileo, points out that "no single study as such definitively proves the dumbness of climate scientists, but the result is broadly consistent with empirical observations over a long time period". According to Dr. Alileo, it is also important to keep in mind, that there are a number of extremely clever climatologists, usually not connected with such organisations as the IPCC, NASA, UEA and the Met Office.

Scientific method used in the study:
A separate google search for each profession (in plural) together with the word "clever" was performed. Each search produced a certain number of pages. The page numbers (in millions) were then combined into the graph above, showing how each of the ten professions is connected with the word "clever".

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hou said...

The page numbers (in millions) were then combined into the graph above, showing how each of the ten professions is connected with the word "clever".
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