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The "New Mandela" welcomed by fellow cultists - after four days in police custody

Kumi Naidoo welcomed by fellow cultists in Amsterdam. The Great Leader deservedly spent a couple of days in police custody in Greenland. Now he is being celebrated almost like a new Mandela by his followers - and he clearly seems to agree with that view.

When the Danish police in Greenland recently - and quite rightly -  arrested Greenpeace chief  Kumi Naidoo, after climbing an oil rig off Greenland´s west coast in an attempt to stop a Scottish oil company from quite lawfully drilling in Arctic waters, there was an uproar among the Greenpeace cultists. It did not take many hours before a number of  "Free Kumi" sites began to appear on the web.

However, the Greenland officials most certainly did not need any "assistance" from these cultists: The Great Leader was duly fined and deported, and probably will think twice before entering the Greenland waters again anytime soon.

In addition to the "Free Kumi" people, Greenpeace´s own propagandists have, of course, been busy extolling the Great Leader´s excursion into northern waters. The Great Leader himself, who - to put it mildly -  seems to have a somewhat overblown impression of  his own importance, stated already befor the trip:
 "this is destined to become one of the defining environmental battles of our age".
One of the bloggers on the Greenpeace website has published a post called "Actions speak louder than words" in which he praises the work of the Great Leader. What is interesting, is not the blog post, but one of the comments. In fact, I think this comment is so much to the point, that it deserves to be re-published here:

Daithesci says:
"Actions Speak Louder than Words"


Greenpeace words: "Move Beyond Oil"
Greenpeace actions: Spend 6 Million USD per annum on Oil. [1]

Greenpeace words: "Take Direct Action"
Greenpeace actions: Spend three quarters of all funds on expenses and administration. [2]

Greenpeace words: "Trust the science"
Greenpeace actions: Be very selective. Write the IPCC reports, but write lies about their nuclear equivalents.

[1]2009 accounts show over *6 Million Kg* of CO2 used for boats. @ 2.68 Kg of CO2 per litre of diesel = 2.2 MILLION Litres = £1.5 ($2.42) MILLION
Plus nearly *10 Million Kg* on "Business Travel". Assuming Plane travel @ 2.65 Kg per litre = *3.7 MILLION Litres* of aviation fuel @ $0.85 a litre = $3.14 MILLION
Plus other smaller amounts = $6M per YEAR *direct* to the Oil companies
[2] 2009 accounts in Euros. Total income: 199 Million. Expenditure on all Campaigns: only 54 Million. = 145 Million eaten by the Greenpeace machine.
Posted June 20, 2011 at 13:19

It is about time that the truth about the eco-fundamentalist cult, aka Greenpeace, is beginning to come out. Police and court actions against these people, who for so long have considered themselves above the law, are clearly on the increase in different parts of  the world. This is a reaction that the majority of law abiding citizens all over the world warmly welcome.

It is deplorable that the Reuters news agency has chosen to join Greenpeace in its propaganda campaign against the Harvard astrophysicist Willie Soon, who has had the courage to criticize the global warming religion´s "scientific consensus".

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