Friday, 1 July 2011

EU climate change inquisition in action: Polish heretic repents

An auto-da-fé  was the ritual of public penance of condemned heretics and apostates that took place when the Portuguese (or Spanish) Inquisition had decided their punishment, followed by the execution by the civil authorities of the sentences imposed. This time the Portuguese Grand Inquisitor J.M. Barroso did not have to impose the most severe punishment on the Polish heretic J. Lewandowski
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The high priests of the climate global warming cult did not waste any time in silencing a prominent Polish heretic, who had dared to question one of its holiest dogmas.
The accelerated process started a few of days ago with the Dutch jesuit Joris den Blanken demanding immediate and forceful action against the EU budget commissioner Janusz Lewandowski:  

"The commissioner should fully explain himself," Joris den Blanken a Greenpeace spokesman told the EurActiv website. "If not, the consequences for his role in the European Commission should be considered."

Based on the report from den Blanken, the council of the Brussels high priests issued a strong warning to the heretic, and demanded an immediate public apology.

Today the accused Lewandowski issued the following statement on his website:

In order to clarify misunderstandings, built on unauthorised quotations, taken out of context, here is my true position on the question of climate change:
• I acknowledge the fact that the overwhelming majority of scientific studies confirm the phenomenon of global warming.
• I have never said that climate change is not taking place neither that man made emissions are not contributing to this phenomenon.
• As a member of the College of Commissioners I fully subscribe to the Europe 2020 strategy, to its environmental goals as well as to the agreed CO2 reduction targets. I see it as my responsibility to ensure adequate funding in support of the Europe 2020 strategy in all its aspects in the EU budget.
• I do strongly believe that the success in efforts to stop climate change would depend on the concerted international actions including the biggest global emitters of CO2.

This was the original heresy:

"There is a view breaking through that the theory of coal-generated power as the main culprit of global warming is seriously in doubt"."Moreover, more and more often there is a question mark put over global warming as such."

Janusz Lewandowski
(in Polish magazine Novy Przemysl, May 2011)


As can be seen, not so much has changed in Europe since the first Inquisition .....
In the case of this heretic, the inquisitors did not actually have to work very hard in order to get him to repent. The word from Brussels is however, that should the crime be repeated by Lewandowski or any other Commission heretics, a much more severe punishment is to be imposed.


Gnostic said...

We need to deal with our own homegrown political lickspittles and inquisitors first. Only then can we tell Grand Inquisitor van Rumpy Pumpy, El Bastardo Barroso and the rest of the thrice damned EU slags to get stuffed.

Simon said...

This is no less than the suppression of free thought - i.e. a dictatorship.