Friday, 15 July 2011

The British Council to cut its megalomaniac climate change programmes

The British Council is finally going to stop wasting money on useless climate change programmes, which do not have anything to do with its real purpose.

Instead the BC will "focus on its core business areas of arts, English and education and society", says Anne Wozcencraft, BS:s acting director of education and society.

This is, of course, something British taxpayers welcome, and rightly so. Why should British taxpayers finance expensive world wide eco-tourism like this?:

Over 35 Climate Champions from 16 Countries (Northern Ireland, Ireland, UK, USA, Finland, Slovenia, Japan, Greece, Bangladesh, Norway, Sweden, Uganda, Nepal, Maldives, Sri Lanka and India) will come together at the Third International Climate Champions Camp in Goa, India from 15 – 21 January 2011. At the camp, these Climate Champions will be exposed to various facets of the fragile ecosystem of Goa and will get the opportunity to learn, network, share and better understand local impacts to this ecosystem due to Climate Change.
They will be interacting with the local scientific, technical and social experts and will also be visiting scientific Institutions like the National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) and Goa Science Centre

The British Council´s " International Climate Champions" programme is only a small part of the megalomaniac BC "Climate Generation" project. A major beneficiary of the programme is Dr. R. Pachauri´s TERI:

International Climate Champions is a youth oriented programme run by the British Council in partnership with The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI). This programme is part of British Council's global project called 'Climate Generation' which is delivered through a network of Climate Champions across 60 countries and eight Regions.

No wonder, Pachauri thinks that the Climate Champions programme is a great idea:

However, the sensible decision to cut the expensive climate change programmes has  - not surprisingly - been criticized by a group of greenie artists and authors:

A group of some of Britain's best-known authors and artists has condemned the British Council's "extraordinary" decision to all but end its groundbreaking international work on climate change and demanded the decision be reconsidered.

Neither is it a surprise that a minister in David Cameron´s "green" government also is joining the critics:

The move has also been criticised by Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) minister Jeremy Browne who, in a letter leaked to the Guardian, admonished the council's chief executive for his apparent "termination" of one of the council's "success stories".

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One must hope that the British Council stands by its decision to focus on its core activities, in spite of the pressure from the alarmists in the artist community and the Foreign Office (which probably would do well to focus on its own core activities - not climate change). UK tax payers - as indeed tax payers in many other countries - are hit by severe government imposed austerity measures. It is an outrage that their money is used to finance wasteful eco-tourism in the name of bogus human caused global warming.

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NikFromNYC said...

So stale, this nasty Nation! That thy Wily E. Don O'Coyote kingdom owns mo' skeptics as minions than "normal" readers 'ere sends me periodic happy tear, as I figure 2 fly in your sky 2 skywriter write, a call to arms, creating bright white clouds in your otherwise black skies.

I'm sorry I once insulted James Hoggan, in angered passing, cynically. Envy reared it's jaded head, one disenamored day. The shock of finding out via his book that this here was a gold plated PR firm rubbed me too raw, unexpectedly, in midlife.


Now moot is the gun barrel enforced religious symbolic act of mercurially sacrificing Edison bulbs while churningly turning remaining pristine winded hills and mountains and oceans too into power line and access path fouled support networks for monstrous bird-chopping industrial towers, shadow-casting bat lung blasting icons of the Church of Climatology, the swinging knives of The Green Bank Authority.

The stolen armor of science falls down before it, yet inertia of the fall itself of this giant of hypocrisy now carries a power grab along, re-energizing it in crucial moment, impossibly, birthing already tooth and claw clad green babes. Up until one century ago there lived, in the Zi Duang province of eastern country, a glass-like spider. Having devoured its prey it would drape the skeletons over its web, creating a macabre shrine of remains. Its web was also unique in that it had many layers, like floors of a building. At the top of this palace-like place, assembled with almost apparent care, were tiny shining objects, glass, beads, dew-drops. One could almost call it an altar. When the breeze blew thru this construction, it produced sounds of wailing, crying.

Tiny wails, tiny cries.

The baby spiders would get scared and search frantically for their mother. But the Glass Spider would have long gone, having known that the babies would survive somehow on their own.

Now that the fast track light bulb ban has garnered fleeted attention, it's up for normal track vote, likely tomorrow, one that needs only majority instead of super majority support, attached to another bill, in the usual way. Here is a site for you that automatically determines who your representative is and allows you send an e-mail to them, specifically about the sacrifice of greatness to the false gods of falsified science:

It's not likely to pass easily into Mr. Bill Becomes A Law, but this will make the GINO ("Green In Name Only") Demagogues now adopt the prematurely birthed Bush Jr. bulb ban, after Climagegate and a dozen IPCCgates have revealed that all was not right in the state of Denmark, centered around Copenhagen, wherein Man deemed fit to control the weather.

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