Saturday, 16 July 2011

"The Nightmare Scenario" - coming soon to a theater near you!

... a Hobbesian world, where life for far more people is ‘nasty, brutish, and short’

Holly- and Bollywood film directors have recently been complaining about the lack of good script writers, particularly with regard to horror movies. Without scary enough scripts, no horror blockbusters!

No need to despair anymore, dear directors! Help is on its way. An hitherto unknown new British horror screen writer has produced the first outline of what many people think will be the horror movie of the century:

... a Hobbesian world, where life for far more people is ‘nasty, brutish, and short’.

Imagine a state on the brink of dissolution. Fresh water supplies, scant to begin with, are critically low. Crop yields are down. Failing harvests are the norm, not the exception. The country’s staple grain no longer grows well.

Unyielding poverty and inadequate sewerage mean disease tears through towns and cities. Outside the population centres, things are hardly better. Arable land is turning to dust, as the desert claims what was once fertile land.

Desperate people take desperate measures. Instability is now a national problem; soon it will be a regional one. Migrants surge outwards, searching for survival.

‘The twenty-first century will see a fight for resources, and Russia should not be defeated in this fight ... NATO has sensed where the wind comes from. It comes from the North.’
(Russian ambassador)

Many countries will be tempted to raise their defences against fleeing people. Barriers that will undermine a liberal world order that has served Britain well.
                            This is the nightmare scenario.

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