Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Haiku Herman to save the euro - and Europe

Finally Frau Merkel and M. Sarkozy show some real leadership! Their bold and visionary decision to nominate Haiku Herman (van Rompuy) as the leader of  Europe´s new economic government will most certainly end any speculation about the future of both the euro and the European Union!

PARIS–Moving to quell financial market turmoil and boost confidence in the euro, the leaders of France and Germany said Tuesday they would shore up the governance of the euro zone and proposed EU council President Herman van Rompuy to lead a new euro zone council for a period of two and a half years.

Calling it a "veritable euro zone economic governance," French President Nicolas Sarkozy said the body will meet twice a year, and more if necessary.
"We want to state our absolute will to defend the euro," said Mr. Sarkozy after a meeting in Paris with German chancellor Angela Merkel.

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The markets are looking forward to even more haikus like the one discussed here:

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