Friday, 19 August 2011

Obama´s climate orthodoxy: U.S. ambassadors as story tellers

The global warming/climate change orthodoxy of the Obama administration has now clearly also reached his top diplomats around the world. Here is what two of Obama´s  ambassadors have been busy doing this summer:

Thomas was an engaging storyteller, even mouthing sound effects like “Whooosh!” with flourish.

More than 60 elementary school students stepped on American soil on Saturday and gathered by the fireplace of the United States ambassador’s residence in Camp John Hay here as they listened to US Ambassador Harry K. Thomas Jr. tell the story of Simon the Sun, Wendy the Wind, Kurt the Cloud, Henry the Water and Mikko the Corn.
But Thomas was here with the children to wage a different war—a war against fossil fuels and a fight for renewable energy.

Thomas read the “R.E. Troopers” for the Inquirer Read-Along. It is the first of a series of stories developed by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to educate young Filipinos on renewable and clean energy.
The ambassador turned out to be a lively reader with a booming voice.
He told the stories of Wendy, who signifies wind energy; Simon, for solar energy; Henry, or water for hydroelectric energy; Kurt, the cloud; and Mikko, the corn who talked about biomass and deriving energy from waste.
Thomas was an engaging storyteller, even mouthing sound effects like “Whooosh!” with flourish.
The “R.E. Troopers” revolved around friends John, Paulo, Gemma and Myra as they fly a kite and talk to Kurt about wind energy, and listen to Simon talk about solar energy. They eat sweet corn and get an introduction about biomass energy.
“But wait! Hear me! Hear me!” Thomas read and repeated the words as he talked about Henry, “your hydro friend,” and his contribution to renewable energy.
“Go! Renewable Energy! Let us all be friends and call ourselves the R.E. Troopers. Go! R.E. Troopers!” Thomas read at the end, engaging the children to repeat the call.

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 U.S. ambassador Oreck has a plan to prevent Europe from becoming a desert

Bruce Oreck, the wealthy Obama supporter (at least $500,000 to the Obama campaign) and founder of the Zero Carbon Initiative, turned U.S. ambassador in Helsinki, had his own climate change story for the people of Finland:

"If I were to decide, Finland would survey its freshwater resources, work out a plan to preserve the resources and then start extracting and selling the water.

Oreck suggests the construction of a water pipeline to Central Europe through the Baltic sea.

- There is a risk that Southern Europe will turn into a desert, not to speak of Africa.

The original interview in Swedish here


Here is a suggestion to the Obama administration:

Maybe the State Department and USAID could send the "R.E. Troopers" to build the huge Baltic water pipeline in order to save Europe from becoming a desert due to global warming?

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