Monday, 26 September 2011

Aussie chief scentist speaks about scientific "contest of ideas"

Australia´s chief scientist, professor Ian Chubb has been talking to a parliamentary inquiry about the scientific way of doing things. And who could object to this:

Professor Ian Chubb told a parliamentary inquiry today the debate should be a "contest of ideas" and not an agenda-driven conflict.
"The scientific community as a whole has a great deal of responsibility to ensure science is elevated to where it once used to be, and not to be subject to attacks by people with all sorts of agendas," Professor Chubb told the joint select committee inquiry in Canberra.

Regrettably he then did not follow his own advice:
Professor Chubb described media coverage of climate science as "ordinary" and said he was disappointed by the weight given to non-credible views.
"It's raised doubts where doubts should not exist," Professor Chubb said.
"Science will always have some level of uncertainty, but if you're 95 per cent certain your house is going to burn down, do you do nothing? I don't think so."

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Isn´t it funny that warmist scientists like professor Chubb often speak so loftily about the "contest of ideas", but when they actually are faced with ideas and research that challenge their bogus "95% certainty", they immediately denounce them as "non-credible".

And about professor Chubb´s burning house: The only house that is likely to burn down with "95% certainty" is the warmists´ house of cards. 

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