Monday, 26 September 2011

Martin McCauley - Another useful idiot praising Putin´s stability

Agent Putin before he became the "strong" leader of Russia

It is sad to see another western academic Russia expert turn into a useful idiot for the Putin regime. It is difficult to arrive at any other conclusion having watched Dr. Martin McCauley (former senior lecturer at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University of London) openly praise Vladmir Putin´s leadership in an Al Jazeera program this afternoon.

In the program Dr. McCauley took the line so familar from the statements of the majority of British and American Russia experts at the time just before the downfall of the Sovie Union, stressing the need of stability and strong leadership. (At that time the academics and most politicians did in reality not want to see a break-up of the totalitarian communist empire, because they thought it would lead to dangerous "instability").

Now Dr. McCauley praises the corrupted "stability" created by the thug Vladimir Putin. He even went so far as to lament the lack of  "strong" leaders in Europe and the US. One got the impression that Dr. McCauley would like to replace the quarreling, "weak" band of present EU and US leaders with Putin style strongmen.

McCauley also praised the "strong" Russian economy, although he had to admit that it is based on selling raw materials.

McCauley does not understand that Putin´s house of cards will begin to crumble as soon as the US, the European and the global shale gas and LNG revolutions get into full force (which will not take long). Russia´s "strong" economy is built only on selling gas and oil. When the present demand is not there anymore, the strongman Putin will have to answer for his failed policies.

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