Monday, 12 September 2011

Global warming causes armed robbery, prostitution, drug abuse and lack of quality time in Ghana

The climate change/global warming (indoctrination) programs, financed by the European Union, the United Nations and other "stakeholders" are beginning to show results in Africa. Modern Ghana reports that climate change is now creating "deviant behaviors" such as "armed robbery, prostitution, and drug abuse" among the youth in Ghana:

We observed during a tour in the community that Farm lands have been destroyed due to the main river of the community overflowing its banks. Crops such as Cassava, Yam, Cocoyam, and Plantain are unable to be harvested. Thus the youth including young women have become jobless and are forced to engage in deviant behaviors such as armed robbery, prostitution, and drug abuse as means of survival.

The disappearance of parents´ quality time with children is also blamed on climate change/global warming:

Parents no longer have quality time with their children thereby not able to inculcate in their children the necessary values and principles needed to forming the right attitude in life. When children become wayward, their actions and/or inactions may be detrimental to society. Women are tasked with the pain of walking several kilometers to access water for domestic chores. Husbands may not be willing to devote all the needed support and care that their wives deserve in the name of striving for survival.

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The fact that people in developing countries have learnt to blame almost all their problems on global warming/climate change - and to demand billions of dollars and euros as "compensation" - seems to be the only lasting result of the myriad of  EU, UN and US climate change programs in the third world. Unfortunately, the Ghanese and other people are going to be disappointed. The leaders of the western industrialized countries are still talking "the global warming talk", but many of them already realize (in private) that the entire "project" was a huge and costly mistake, that should be buried and forgotten. Their problem now is, of course, how to deal with the situation without loosing face. That probably means that the "climate change show" will still go on for some time, but - luckily - mainly on a verbal level. Even then, the costs for ordinary taxpayers are going to be astronomical ... 

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