Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Latest warmist scare: Cholera!

Another day, another global warming scare. The latest scare is about sea bacteria putting millions of swimmers and sailers at risk: Cholera!

A new European report says the warming oceans caused by climate change are leading to the spread of dangerous bacteria in the sea.
The report to be presented Wednesday at a two-day global warming conference in Brussels predicts that millions of people may be exposed to contaminated food and water. They also could become sick by swimming and sailing in the dirty seas.
The study by 17 European marine institutes says the warming is leading to a proliferation of the Vibrio bacteria, which has been linked to such diseases as cholera and gastroenteritis.
The report also says the Earth's oceans are heating up at a rate faster than previously thought, causing ice sheets to melt and putting some island nations and coastal regions in peril.

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The only thing that surprises is that it took so long for the warmists at the 17 marine institutes to link cholera to global warming. Their land based "colleagues" linked Bubonic plague to global warming already in 2006!

And for Californians the cholera scare probably does not matter that much, because they will anyway soon have to adapt to a life without beaches - if one is to believe a fresh study.

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