Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Duke of Edinburgh on wind power: "absolutely useless"

A car trip through Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, northern France and southeastern England last weekend confirmed one of the many problems with wind energy: Probably over 90% of the wind turbines did not produce any electricity at all due to lack of wind. They huge turbines were just standing there as monuments of modern lunacy.

In the UK the Duke of Edinburgh made the headlines with his spot on comment on wind energy as "absolutely useless":

Former Chancellor Lord Lawson yesterday led the backing for Prince Philip after he branded wind farms ‘absolutely useless’.

In a scathing attack, the Duke of Edinburgh said the turbines were ‘completely reliant on subsidies’ and ‘would never work’.

His comments are a rebuke to the Government, which is trying to increase the amount of energy generated by wind farms and other renewable technologies.

Last night Lord Lawson said the Duke was ‘spot on’ and speaking on behalf of ordinary people in fuel poverty.

Philip made the remarks to Esbjorn Wilmar, managing director of Infinergy, which is building offshore turbines around Britain.
Mr Wilmar said he introduced himself to the 90-year-old Duke at a reception and suggested he put wind turbines on royal property.

‘He said that they were absolutely useless, completely reliant on subsidies and an absolute disgrace. I was surprised by his very frank views,’ he said.

When Mr Wilmar tried to argue that onshore turbines are one of the most cost-effective forms of renewable energy, the Duke apparently replied: ‘You don’t believe in fairy tales do you?’

The Telegraph´s editorial on the Prince´s comments is worth reading.

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A K Haart said...

Good for the Duke. My view of him just went up a few notches.