Monday, 28 November 2011

Greenpeace "activists" enjoying the "launch tour" on board the new luxury yacht

The economic and financial crisis in Europe and the US has hit hard on ordinary people, who are trying to trying to get on with their lives in a climate of austerity. But the elite "activists" on board Greenpeace´s luxurious new "Motor Sail yacht with helicopter landing deck", the Rainbow Warrior III, apparently could not care less. They are enjoying the sights and sounds of world capitals.

One of the participants in the Rainbow Warrior "launch tour" was clearly taken by the beauty of the Swedish capital:

The Rainbow Warrior's fourth stop on her launch tour brought us to the capital of Sweden.  She came in on a beautiful morning, with water as smooth as a mirror reflecting a low-hanging November sun.

There is even a video to show that description above is true:

For those who are interested, the Greenpeace web page proudly introduces the new luxury yacht:

She boasts a video editing suite, a conference room, a campaign office, two fast action boats, webcams fore and aft and a helicopter hanger and helideck. She can accommodate up to 30 people.

And the yacht is even said to be driven by "electric drive engines"!

The Warrior does have electric drive engines
Electric drive system (10 knots on only 300kW)

But right in end of the information page, under the headline Specifications, you will find this snippet of information:  

Main & Auxiliary Engines: Caterpillar

Greenpeace often accuses private companies and governments of spreading false and misleading information. But what about Greenpeace itself? It does not appear to be very honest to give ordinary people the impression that the new yacht is driven by electic engines, when it in reality uses diesel powered main and auxiliary engines. This fact is nowhere mentioned on Greenpeace´s information page.

On Caterpillar´s home page you will find this information about the engines they make:

Caterpillar is the marine industry's leading provider of medium- and high-speed marine diesel engines

The Geenpeace luxury yacht runs on fossil diesel fuel, even if the greenies do not want to admit it! And without diesel the "beautiful morning, with water as smooth as a mirror reflecting a low-hanging November sun"  in the Stockholm archipelago would not have been possible.

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