Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Head of UK government advisory body on climate change: Climate change good for Scotland

Lord Krebs, an internationally renowned scientist and the head of a UK government advisory body on climate change, has great news for Scotland: Climate change in will lead to fewer winter deaths, lower heating bills, a boost for tourism and good opportunities for Scottish business.

The Scotsman summarises Lord Krebs´s newly published report:

Lord Krebs, a former chairman of the British Food Standards Agency, said that the changes to seasonal temperatures were likely to grip Scotland by 2050, with other positive affects also leading to a boost for tourism, due to sunnier climes, as well as lower heating bills. He said: “There could be implications for heating bills, as there’s a likelihood that winters will be milder.
“In the longer term there could well be a reduction in people’s heating bills as the winters get warmer.
“It’s uncertain as to when this might happen, but we could be talking about the period from the middle of the century.
“Part of the story for Scotland is that we’re perhaps talking about people who are getting towards middle aged now, enjoying a warmer climate when they are pensioners.
“It’s not just heating bills though, as there will be positive opportunities in leisure and tourism, with the warmer climate meaning that there are more chances for outdoors activities and people are also more likely to visit as tourists when the weather is warmer.”
Lord Krebs said that the melting of Arctic ice due to climate change could lead to a growth in global trade opportunities for Scottish business.
He said: “If Arctic ice melts, it will have benefits in opening up new shipping routes and boosting international trade.
“But at the same time there’s more of a risk of pollution, as the water becomes more active. We’re talking about anywhere covered by ice.
“Climate change for Scotland would mean that there would be good opportunities for Scottish business if it thinks well ahead.

This should be really good news also for the Scottish government. But instead a government spokesman had this to say:

“Taking action on climate change is one of our top priorities.”

Or maybe he actually meant, that the Scottish government will take action to speed up the positive developments mentioned in the new report?

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A K Haart said...

This of course was always one of the most absurd aspects of climate alarmism. A warmer world with higher atmospheric CO2 concentrations has more advantages than disadvantages.

The pattern would vary, but overall there would be a net benefit.