Sunday, 25 December 2011

The Bulgarian Barroso

The Bulgarian Barroso

During the last days of the Annus Horribilis 2011 for the eurozone, our thoughts go to the eurocrats in Brussels, who have had to forsake even their cherished Christmas parties in order to keep the dream of a succesful euro alive:

"We are in sort of eternal crisis mode, so there's no time for Christmas parties," said another EU official working on euro zone debt issues who said he had worked every weekend since mid-November. "Normally, it would be all over by this time of year. It would be very quiet, but everything's changed."

And the Commission never sleeps. Even on Christmas day there is one brave lady, hidden somewhere in the myriad of corridors of the Commission´s Berlaymont building, who is "working at full steam" in order to save Europe from the abyss:

Kristalina Georgieva will take up the office of President of the European Commission Jose Barroso during the Christmas season. “I will be Barroso for Christmas,” EU Commissioner for International Cooperation, Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response said smiling. It turns out that instead of getting in the Christmas mood she will be working at full steam from the Christmas Eve till the first days of the New Year and will be Commissioner on duty for the entire European Commission.
“In any crisis there’s just one recipe for a way out – to stay united and to act with resolution,” the Bulgarian EU Commissioner said commenting the ranking of the major events in 2011 by Darik Radio where the economic crisis in Europe topped the list. “Looking ahead one can clearly see that the coming year will be tough, but we will see the light very soon,” she said assuredly.

How assuring it is to know that the Bulgarian Barroso is there, ready to "act with resolution" if needed!

The only thing that makes one a little bit worried is that there is no information on whether there is a holiday stand-in also for the President of Europe, haiku Herman van Rompuy. Is there perhaps a Romanian Rompuy?

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