Monday, 26 December 2011

The New Year 2012 could finally bring a solution to the eurozone crisis

A look into the crystal ball finally offers some good news for the battered eurozone:

(picture provided by the EU photo service)

2012 could be the year when the leaders of the European Union find out the real reason behind the ongoing eurozone crisis:

It´s global warming, stupid!

The real PIGS of the Mediterranean

The troubled PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain) are all in the warm southern part of the European empire (EU). It is common knowledge that people become lazy if it is too warm to work. That is exactly what has happened in the ever warming PIGS zone. However what is completely new, is that a new study by the Spanish International Environmental Studies Authority (SIESTA) now has found a clear correlation between laziness and spending. This confirms a vicious circle: The warmer it gets, the lazier people become, and the lazier you are, the more you are inclined to spend (particularly other peoples´ money).

Footnote: For some unknown reason, this correlation does not seem to apply to the Irish.

The important findings of the SIESTA study will finally enable the next EU summits to take decisive action in order to save the euro from the abyss. The SIESTA researchers have suggested one possible solution, which is said to be seriously considered in Brussels; to redirect the € billions of EU climate change "mitigation" aid to the PIGS zone, instead of, as is the case now, giving the money to dictators and corrupt governments in some of the worst countries in Africa.

               A mini documentary on the impact of global warming in Spain

EU climate change commissioner Connie Hedegaard could not be reached for a comment. She is reported to be critical towards the policy change. However, it is rumoured that her boss José Barroso, a member of the PIGS zone, has already told her to shut up.

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