Sunday, 22 January 2012

Could super smart Godzillas take over after catastrophic global warming?

A world dominated by super smart Godzillas?

Global warming makes you smarter - at least if you are a lizard. This is what a new study, funded by the National Research Council of Canada, has found out:

His study looked at two different groups of a particular Australian lizard species called the three-striped skink (bassiana duperreyi); one group incubated at a temperature of 16C and the other at 22C.

Amiel and his research group tested the lizards’ intelligence by having them seek shelter when threatened. The lizards were given two options of where to hide: in a bin resembling an overturned flowerpot with a hole large enough for the lizard to enter, or an identical shelter with the hole blocked by a transparent plastic.

The research group observed the lizards from warmer incubation group consistently found the appropriate shelter faster, and made fewer mistakes doing so, suggesting higher temperatures may produce smarter lizards.

If, as the most fanatic warmists predict, catastrophic global warming will result in the end of the human species, it is at least good to know that the ever smarter lizard population will be able to take over ....

(image by wikipedia)

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