Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Taiwan´s gift to China: Democracy

Taiwan´s newly re-elected president Ma Ying-jeou chose his words well, when he presented a gift to the leaders of communist China:

Taiwan's President Ma Ying-jeou said this month's presidential vote was the island's "best gift" to China, hailing the potential for the poll to show the path to democracy on the mainland.
Ma has said hundreds of millions of people in mainland China watched Taiwan's presidential candidates debate live on television last month for the first time through the Internet.

The poll, which saw Ma re-elected, could inspire Chinese democracy supporters, he said in a statement released by the Presidential Office.

"The peaceful election, a sign of democracy taking roots and bear fruits on the soil of a Chinese community, will make them feel that this will also happen on the mainland," the statement said.

"I believe this is the best gift from us to the mainland."

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It may take some time before China understands the value of Taiwan´s gift, but good things are worth waiting for .....

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