Friday, 24 February 2012

EU´s überwarmist Hedegaard blames global warming for the eurozone crisis

In an interview the EU`s überwarmist, former Danish journalist Connie Hedegaard, has repeated the old leftist slogan about western "overconsumtion" and the need to change "the current damaging model of economic growth", "forever". (By the way, Hedegaard is - or is supposed to be - a conservative back home in Denmark!).

What makes the interview interesting, however, is the way Hedegaard, at least indirectly, blames global warming/climate change for the eurozone crisis. The media are full of "studies" and reports about global warming causing countless catastrophic events all over the world, but this is probably the first time a leading European politician/unelected eurocrat blames global warming for the Eurozone mess!

This is what Hedegaard had to say:

The world must use a landmark environmental summit this year to change forever the current damaging model of economic growth, Europe's climate chief has warned, or face future crises as severe as the one currently enveloping the eurozone.
"This has a lot of relevance to the euro crisis," said Hedegaard. "We're trying to make it clear that the climate change crisis is an economic crisis, a social and a job crisis – it should be seen as a whole. If we do not tackle these, we will be in crisis mode for many, many years."

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With regard to Greece, the EU is in a strange way actually heeding Mrs. Hedegaard´s advice, by forcing the poor Greek people to cut their "overconsumtion". Impoverished and jobless Greeks are thus model citizens of Connie Hedegaard´s Brave New Europe. However, it is less than certain that the Greeks themselves are enjoying themselves in this role.

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