Monday, 20 February 2012

New Polish report: Shale gas mining is safe

Shale gas mining, or "fracking", is a safe technology. That is the main conclusion of a soon to be published report by the Polish Geological Institute:

Shale gas mining will not damage the water supply or increase carbon emissions, finds an as yet unpublished report by the Polish Geological Institute.

The Dziennik Gazeta Prawna daily says it has seen the report prepared for the Ministry of Environment which concludes that apart from the noise from drilling, 'fracking' shale gas in Poland will not have negative environmental consequences.

Experts studied the environmental impact of the so-called fracking process performed in 2011 on one of the boreholes in the village Łebień in Pomerania, northern Poland.

From 2014, Warsaw wants to tap an estimated 5.3 trillion cubic meters of shale gas reserves. According to the US Energy Information Administration, Poland is sitting on more than 300 years of its domestic energy needs.

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It is good to know that greenie scaremongers, assisted by Russia´s Gazprom, have not succeeded in their anti shale gas propaganda. A recent poll shows that 73% of the Poles back shale gas mining. The new report by the Polish Geological Institute will probably convince an even greater number of Poles about the need to support this new source of their country´s future wealth.

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