Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Taxpayers funding global warming indoctrination campaign in American zoos

"Call them the ursine Al Gores"

Global warming alarmists are desperate. Despite years of massive taxpayer funded propaganda efforts, the American public is not convinced about catastrophic human caused global warming. But there is no end to "creativity" of the warmists: The Brookfield Zoo in Chicago has decided to begin indoctrinating its visitors about global warming. American taxpayers are financing the indoctrination campaign in the form of a grant from the National Science Foundation:

Brookfield Zoo received a $1 million grant from the National Science Foundation to lead a team of 15 zoos and aquariums across the country in exploring the issue of climate change among zoo and aquarium visitors. While nationally 64 percent of Americans believe climate change is happening, that percentage rises to 82 percent for zoo and aquarium visitors, surveys at the participating institutions showed.
“The American public is not that engaged on climate change,” Grajal said. “This is a great opportunity. We have a favorable audience.”
The survey of 7,200 zoo and aquarium visitors also revealed that about 90 percent of those who believe climate change is happening don’t believe they can do anything about it. Grajal is also working with educators and psychologists to determine the best way to educate on a subject that can be dry and overwhelming.
“The mistake we made in the past was saying this was a huge problem and unless you change your lifestyle radically and all the politicians worldwide get together we’re doomed,” Grajal said. “It’s very pessimistic.”
The focus now is on encouraging people to make small lifestyle tweaks, like not idling their cars, using more energy efficient light bulbs and, when possible, eating locally grown produce.
Michelle Parker, the Shedd’s vice president of Great Lakes and sustainability, said that a series of videos shown before the Shedd’s aquatic show highlighted efforts the aquarium is making to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions. In the summer, the aquarium is growing flowers, food and vegetables for some animals to cut down on food shipments. Aquarium staff are also growing tiny shrimp, snails, crickets and plankton for food.

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A million dollars may not be a huge sum nowadays, but still American taxpayers´ money could - and should - be used for something else than financing global warming propaganda in the zoos!

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