Friday, 2 March 2012

EU leaders introduce a new European reality show

Reality shows, like Big Brother, are now reported to be Europe´s biggest TV export successes. The EU leaders are apparently trying to emulate the success by introducing their own inverted version of Big Brother:

In this EU Big Brother +, a mixed bag of people - consisting of the elected political leaders and a number of unelected bureacrats -  spend time together in a ramshackle house (also known as the European Union) isolated from the outside world without being watched by cameras (except when temporily exiting their secret premises).

There is only one essential and absolute rule in this inverted Big Brother: Nobody, I repeat NOBODY, is ever allowed to leave to house. The show is "irreversible". Some participants, who have expressed the slightest wish to leave, have, according to reliable rumours, been subjected to psychological terror of the worst kind.

There are so far no detailed accounts of what exactly is happening inside the Big Brother+ house, but according to one report, pouring money into a bottomless barrel is right now the most popular pastime.

What is clear, however, is that the inverted Big Brother is in the end going to be a success - if only an inverted success.


Two unelected team members today gave an exciting account of the latest dramatic developments in the members only Big Brother+ house:

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